BCTC Writers Guild

Member Spotlight

Each week we'll choose a member and a piece of their work to spotlight - this week is Shelby, our most prolific poet. Shelby loves to write, paint, and draw.  Her biggest influences are: Poe, Faulkner, Maugham, Dickinson, Plath, Ginsberg, and Joyce Carol Oates.  She's a student at BCTC, and planning to transfer and double major in English and History. 

Feeding My Head Weights

Feeding my head weights, so that it sinks and sinks

into a pool of jumbled letters and mumbled words;

I'm nodding, slipping into a coded way of life

where the path is slicked with ink and

the nights stretch into fugues of misplaced memories.

I can't seem to remember where I'm supposed to go.

I've got it written down on a scrap of flesh,

but the lines twist into a helix bound by faith

that has no beginning and no destination.

How can you decipher a waking dream like that?